hotels of the future

How the hotels of the future will look like?

Visionaries and futurists have their own point of view that impacts and drives many of our actions towards the future.

They do not just imagine things, they tend to expect inventions to be created based on scientific theories, human behaviors, and the most important factor; needs.

One of the aspects to look for in the future is Hotels and resorts, we have already saw the revolution of Smart Hotels in countries like USA, Australia, and Emirates, as these kind of hotels give a glimpse on the future by presenting advanced technologies on its facilities and functions.

But we will present here a different vision towards that aspect, some of these ideas are already working ideas, but on the mean time they are exclusively available for luxury hotels, but others are expected to be available in the future for every Hotel customer:

  • No human customer services:

Everything will be operated by technology and AI (Artificial intelligence), you can easily reserve a room, make a check-in or a check-out, order your meals, and make other requests without any interaction with human services, this can be presented with specialized electronic devices, or some services can be presented by robots!

And we expect to see robots in service in the near future, as some luxurious hotels already made some of the mentioned ideas with AI environment full of devices.

  • Smart objects will be everywhere:

You will be able to stay in a room full of Smart devices to serve you, better; you can operate these things by only the smart phone in your hand!

Smart TV, Smart mirrors, full control of your room temperature and lightings, limited access for you to your room, a customizable drinks device, an AI assistant for your room and many more.

  • A customizable accommodation:

Now you can choose the colors of your bedsheets, the room`s color, the type of furnishings in your room, your bed type, you can add a desk to your room to work on.

You can choose having a bathtub or ordinary bathroom, a bigger closet for your cloths with the option of buying new ones from an online store.

While you can add some sports devices to be only used by you in your room, if you do not want to go to the ordinary hotel gym.

Also there is a chance you can choose which floor you will live on, and your room size.

  • Desirable entertainment:

By providing more information on yourself and your habits, a desirable entertainment can be present within your room, the TV will show your favorite team match and remind you of it automatically, a certain collection of movies that interest you can be available on a screen of your choice.

  • Endless & virtual reality communication:

If you are a family guy, and you always want the presence of your family; that would not be a problem at all, you can communicate with your family with an endless communication via bigger screens and a coverage of 360 degrees camera, also it is possible to have a Virtual Reality communication which can provides more interaction for communicators` surrounded environment.

  • Safer, non-annoying, and more relaxation environment:

Maximum security will be applied on your room, with an advanced security system, no one can annoy you by sudden visits as there will be a system that manages your presence information only by your choice, and a medical monitoring system will watch your body to make sure everything is well, and will help you if you encounter any illness and provides you with more relaxation environment based on your definition.

  • Eco-friendly places:

Everything will be operated by clean energies, such as solar panels, wind mills, with a clean water recycling system.

Everything is recycled and calculated for better usage.

More healthy foods options will be available within the reaches of your hand, and you would be able finally to monitor your diet system on your journeys.