Top 10 best destinations in Spain

Spain is a magical country, as it has a glorious history made by many civilizations, and the wonderful nature Spanish People. Spain is full of places where you can see the magnificent beauty of nature, the climate is moderate during most of the year, which makes the country a desirable place to visit on most of vacancies` seasons.

Visiting Spain would not cost you so much, but it is also depends on your travelling`s attributes, with remarkable cities like Barcelona, Valencia, and the Capital Madrid; you would enjoy a civilized world full of many wonderful places and high culture.

Spanish people are usually the friendly type, as the tourism is one of the main sources of economy there, many people works in tourism, and there are many facilities which provides high quality good services, many hotels and resorts built in wonderful natural areas, and offers good accommodation, which varies depends on your travelling`s budget, and it is affordable by a small budget traveler or a luxurious one.

Foods are great, especially if you like spicy food, and many dishes of the Latin America cuisine are originated from there, and you would enjoy the original taste of Croquettes, Tortilla, and Pisto.

On this article we have picked up for you 10 best destinations to visit if you are travelling to Spain on your next journey:

  • Palacio Real (The Royal Palace) – Madrid:

Palacio Real (The Royal Palace) – Madrid

It is the Main Palace of the Royal Spanish family, a significant piece of architecture art which lies in the city of Madrid, many tourists like to visit it, the place is really huge and it contains many places to visit, but you would really enjoy such a visit.

  • Aqueduct de Segovia – Segovia:

Aqueduct de Segovia – Segovia

One of the oldest remaining monuments that represents the Roman Empire days, an old aqueduct in the city of Segovia, a very important historical monument to include in your visits` list, if you like history.

  • Mezquita de Cordoba (the Mosque of Cordoba) – Cordoba:

Mezquita de Cordoba (the Mosque of Cordoba) – Cordoba

An Islamic Historical place, it was built on the architectural Moorish style, also it is known as The Great Mosque of Cordoba, the place history is full of status changes and events, neither less it is a place with a history which carries significant messages to the mankind.

  • Sagrada Família – Barcelona:

Sagrada Família - Barcelona

A Roman Catholic Church, its construction began in the 19th century, and it has more than 130 years of construction till present time, a significant piece of architect which was designed on the Gothic style.

  • Alhambra – Granada:

Alhambra – Granada

Lies on the Province of Granada, its original name means in Arabic “The Red One”, one of the remaining historical famous places of the Moorish civilization in Spain.

A complex consists of big fort and palace, also you would enjoy its panorama at the night.

  • L’Oceanografic – Valencia:

L'Oceanografic – Valencia

L’Oceanografic is a marine park, located in the province of Valencia, it is known as one of the famous aquariums in Europe, as it contains more than 500 water species, visiting this place with your family will grant you a huge amount of fun!

  • Museo del Prado (The Prado Museum) – Madrid:

Museo del Prado (The Prado Museum) – Madrid

Represents as significant piece of art itself, it is the main Spanish national art museum, which contains many pieces of various kinds of art, many rare collection are presented at the Museum, mostly belongs to the European civilizations.

  • Costa del Sol – Malaga:

Costa del Sol – Malaga

You cannot travel to Spain without visiting one of its magnificent beaches, Costa del Sol signified as one of the sunniest spots on Europe, the white sand beaches and the pure blue color of sea water are things you do not want to miss on your journey.

  • Toledo City – Toledo:

Toledo City – Toledo

A city combines many historical buildings, which belongs to many civilizations lived on Spain, the natural views, and the architectural arts are beautiful and magnificent, it is a sign of glorious days of many European different densities, also it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • The white towns of Andalusia – Andalusia:

The white towns of Andalusia - Andalusia

Spain has numerous historical and architectural sites, which combines beauty and arts, these white towns is one of them, you can see most of the building are colored in white,

These towns are located in the southern area of Spain, and you can see them in Cadiz and Malaga.